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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Adult Diapers

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Adult diapers function similarly to diapers used in infants and young children — they help to absorb both urine and stool when passed. Most of the time, adult diapers are used to treat urinary incontinence, which occurs when there is an involuntary leakage of urine from the body. Diapers may also be worn by pregnant women, those who have just given birth, those with weakened pelvic muscles, and those who have just undergone surgery. 

Adult diapers are useful in minimising the need for frequent trips to the bathroom, as leakage is often unpredictable and can occur several times a day, and at odd times. 

Buying and selecting the most suitable adult diapers can be a challenge that often requires a lot of trial and error. In this article, we’ll talk about 5 common mistakes made when buying adult diapers, and what to take note of.

  • Using an underpad instead of absorbent underwear

Before the rise of adult diapers, doctors suggested using disposable underpads. They were used for their ease of use and also because they were thought to allow the skin in the groin area to get more air circulation. However, if there is a large leakage of volume from the bladder, underpads may not be too helpful, and urine may leak out into the skin. This can also lead to an increased risk of skin irritation and infection. 

  • Wearing a pad inside absorbent underwear for extra protection

Some people may recommend the use of additional disposable underpads onto the diaper for incontinence to increase the absorbency of the diaper. However, this is untrue and may even be harmful to the skin. These underpads often come with a plastic backing that adheres to the inside of the diaper, and urine can get trapped between this area and can end up leaking out into the skin, which can irritate and harm the skin. Furthermore, adding an extra layer may end up creating more friction, which can damage the skin and cause irritation. 

If you require higher absorption, it may be better to opt for pads with higher absorbency rates. 

  • Wearing a tab-style adult diaper on top of a pull-up

Stacking two diapers on top of the other may not be very effective as this may cause excessive movement and can lead to rubbing on the skin, as well as urine leakage. Thus, it may be better to use your diaper and replace it once it is soaked as stacking two diapers on top of each other does not actually improve absorbency very much.

  • Buying the highest absorbency available

Sometimes, people do require very high absorbency products as they may leak urine many times a day. However, high-absorbency products can come at very expensive prices, and it may be more worth it to choose a diaper with lower absorbency if you do not require a product with such a high absorbency. 

Nowadays, adult diapers are all of fairly good quality and they work very well regardless of the label. As such, choose the diapers based on your own needs and save on some money as diapers are often for long-term use. 

  • You may not need indefinitely need a diaper

It is important to understand that not all urinary incontinence issues require you to wear an adult diaper for life. In these cases, adult diapers are worn to manage a symptom, but not treat the root cause of the issue. There are treatments available that can correct or effectively manage urinary incontinence. 

Here at Aare Urocare, we offer a series of in-clinic diagnostic tests and minimally invasive treatments for urinary incontinence. 



All in all, finding the right adult diaper is like finding the right pair of pants — first, you must understand your needs, and find a comfortable fit that meets those needs. In time, you will find one that you’re most comfortable wearing daily.

You can also consider other alternatives to managing your condition because urinary incontinence is treatable! Schedule a consultation with your urologist for a proper diagnosis and personalised treatment plan. 


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